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Political economy of wassatiyah here refers to the interaction between Islamic economics and Islamic politics as well as the implications of their influence on each other and inter-related with Islamic Political Economy. The field of Islamic political economy is now faced with two realities. First, there is only a few studies made on Islamic political economy; and second, Islamic political economy has to deal with the dominant liberal-capitalist political economy. Most scholars so far only focused on Islamic economics or Islamic politics solely, but not on the Islamic political economy. The question is, can the Islamic economics or Islamic politics identify and provide solutions to the problems of the political economy of development of the society? 

This conference tries to find an answer to this question. It aims to bring together various researchers, academicians, scholars, practitioners and others who have interest in the field of Islamic economics and Islamic politics regardless from within Malaysia or from other countries. This is a conference that hopes to be able to blend new, innovative and practical minds, unlike the common stereotype, reiterative and rhetorical ones. So are the papers and discussions expected for this conference.

Suggested Sub-themes 

   1. Basics of Wassatiyah in Islamic Political Economy

  1. Philosophy of Wassatiyah in Islamic Political Economy
  2. Concept of Wassatiyah in Islamic Political Economy
  3. Islamic Political Economy of Wassatiyah in Al-Qur’an and Sunnah
  4. Political Economy Strategies in Islamic Development of Wassatiyah
  5. Other related sub-themes

    2. Political Economy of Wassatiyah: Politics     

  1. Politics of Wassatiyah in Islamic Development
  2. Tahaluf Siyasi in Politics/Political Economy of Wassatiyah
  3. Tahaluf Siyasi in Development of Wassatiyah
  4. Politics of International Relations in Wassatiyah
  5. Politics of International Relations & Collaborations in Wassatiyah
  6. Politics of Public Administration in Wassatiyah
  7. Politics of Public Governance in Wassatiyah
  8. Other related sub-themes

   3.Political Economy of Wassatiyah: Economics

  1. Politics of Financial and Industrial Systems in Wassatiyah
  2. Politics of Markets and Systems in Wassatiyah
  3. Politics of Zakat/Wakaf in Wassatiyah
  4. Politics of Poverty Allaviation in Wassatiyah
  5. Other related sub-theme

  4. Political Economy of Wassatiyah: Socials

  1. Political Economy of Islamic Education in Wassatiyah
  2. Political Economy of Islamic Communication and Information Technologies in Wassatiyah
  3. Political Economy of Islamic Communication, Communities and e-Societies in Wassatiyah
  4. Political Economy of Islamic e-Society and Online Communities in Wassatiyah
  5. Political Economy of Islamic Ethical Issues and Challenges in Wassatiyah
  6. Political Economy of Islamic Ethnic Studies/International Studies in Wassatiyah
  7. Political Economy of Islamic Human Development based on psychological and social concepts in Wassatiyah
  8. Political Economy of Islamic Human Rights Development in Wassatiyah
  9. Political Economy of Islamic Population and Development in Wassatiyah
  10. Political Economy of Islamic Sustainable Development in Wassatiyah
  11. Political Economy of Islamic Sustainable Economic Development in Wassatiyah
  12. Political Economy of Islamic Sustainable Human and Social Development in Wassatiyah
  13. Other related sub-theme
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