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 Following the success of the previous conferences since 2007, the Center for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV), Universiti Sains Malaysia is pleased to announce the 12th ISDEV International Islamic Development Management Conference 2017 (IDMAC2017) which will be held again in 2017.

Hence, IDMAC2017 welcomes participants/authors from various countries around the world to join/contribute original and unpublished research papers related to the significant advances in halal and green development management. Both empirical and theoretical papers that fall within but not limited to the followings sub-themes are accepted.




i. Halal Ingredients
ii. Halal Products & Safety
iii. Halal Services – Tourism, Hospitality
iv. Halal Lifestyle
v. Halal Quality Assurance
vi. Halal Supply Chain
vii. Halal Animal Feed
viii. Halal Financing
ix. Halal Industry
x. Halal Standards
xi. Halal Policy
xii. Shariah Compliance and Shariah Governance Issues


  1. Green Products
  2. Green Building
  3. Green Development
  4. Green Economy
  5. Green Energy
  6. Green Entrepreneurship
  7. Green Technology
  8. Green Supply Chain
  9. Green Manufacturing
  10. Green Engineering
  11. Green Design
  12. Green Agriculture


  1. in Development
  2. in Economics
  3. in Finance
  4. in Human Management
  5. in Service Management
  6. in Corporate Social Responsibility
  7. in Science & Technology
  8. in Power & Energy
  9. in Politics & Governance
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The 12th ISDEV International Development Management Conference (IDMAC2017)
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