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The 14th ISDEV International Development Management Conference is the fourteenth of a series of initiative to encourage related research in Islamic social sciences perspective, this time in the area of   Integrity and Hisbah in Islamic Development Management. This conference is a continuation of the 14th ISDEV International Development Management Conference themed: Integrity and Hisbah in Islamic Development Management which was held at Universiti Sains Malaysia on 30th –31th July 2019.

This year, the conference aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To provide a platform and opportunities for practitioners, managers, scholars, researchers, academicians, graduate students and others from all over the world to engage on an intellectual discourse on Integrity and Hisbah in Islamic Development Management;
  1. To present the latest research findings related to all issues on Integrity and Hisbah, domestically and internationally, that relate to the philosophy and concepts, issues, challenges, prospects, transformation on Integrity and Hisbah into a more effective and dynamic field of study;
  1. To explore new ideas and issues on Integrity and Hisbah that is able to lead to the maximization


Governance-based integrity and hisbah are now facing two challenges. The first challenge, there are people who do not understand and aware of the importance of integrity and hisbah in governance. Therefore, the effort to overcome this challenge is to give them the understanding and awareness of these matters. The second challenge, there is a group that understands and knows the importance of integrity in hisbah. However, these groups are only rhetorically aware, but not in the aspect of implementation. This has resulted in many of the civil and private employees involved in integrity and hisbah issues. To overcome this challenge, of course, it must involve self-esteem, the strengthening of religious knowledge as well as the affirmation of national law.

This conference tries to find an answer to this question. It aims to bring together various researchers, academicians, scholars, practitioners and others who have interest in the field of Integrity and Hisbah regardless from within Malaysia or from other countries. This is a conference that hopes to be able to blend new, innovative and practical minds, unlike the common stereotype, reiterative and rhetorical ones. So are the papers and discussions expected for this conference.


The 14th ISDEV International Development Management Conference (IDMAC2019)
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